Customer Lisa Marlin
Los Angeles, CA 90045-4215
Work Completed Date: March 03, 2014
Approximate Cost: $3,000.00
Description Of Work: Pulled up the rugs and mats in one bedroom, a hall, and a large den. Performed repairs to holes in the wood floor. Sanded and polyurethaned the wood floors.
Customer Comments: Beau was completely on time with his estimate appointment, more than accommodating to my schedule, and his staff did a great job in every aspect. Most important to me, his staff had to install some new boards in the existing wood floors in the hall where there had been an old floor heater originally (there was just a piece of plywood over a hole that had been covered with carpet), and also an area in the den where there had originally been a wall (same thing...plywood over holes in the foundation). You would not know there had even been a repair, that is how good the new parts of the floor blend with the old floors that have been there since 1950!.

Customer Michael Hartley
Moorpark, CA 93021
Work Completed Date: February 15, 2014
Approximate Cost: $5,000.00
Description Of Work: This company sanded, stained and applied polyurethane finish to badly damaged engineered wood floor in a house we bought recently.
Customer Comments: The floor is beautiful now. It was badly discolored and damaged but we were very pleased with the results. Some other companies we contacted said they would not be able to restore this floor. This was a difficult and time consuming job because it would be easy to ruin an engineered wood floor by sanding through the thin wood veneer. This job was costly but cheaper than replacing the existing wood floor. We're glad we hired the experts.

Customer Sarah Boyd
Studio City, CA 91604
Work Completed Date: January 16, 2014
Approximate Cost: $4,200.00
Description Of Work: They removed old carpet in our downstairs family room and installed engineered hardwood flooring.  (Pre-made, pre-stained and treated so no curing time).
Customer Comments: Their attention to detail and workmanship was excellent.  The owner (who came to do estimate) is very personable and cares about the quality of his craft.   You need to go to the showroom to pick out the flooring (and take home samples).  The work was done quickly, without being rushed.  The workers were careful with our walls and respectful of our furniture.   And you can immediately use the floors - no wait time!  We would recommend them hands down.  Price was reasonable but not the cheapest bid.  Still, worth it to get quality product and quality work!

Customer Richard Levisfitzgerald
Los Angeles, CA 90049
Work Completed Date: December 05, 2013
Approximate Cost: $9,000.00
Description Of Work: They removed carept in three bedrooms upstairs and in the hallways, bathroom and took carpet off the stairs and replaced with wood. ALL matched the colors downstairs and ZERO sanding!
Customer Comments: These are the guys you want to do your hardwood floors! The owner Beau came out and talked with us for over an hour on the estimate. You can tell he has hardwood floors in his blood. Both his older sons work with him in the business. I love family owned business where people actually take pride in their work. We went with the Angie List #1 rated company. You have to be good to be the #1 rated on Angie’s List. We went to visit the store and they explained the new type of wood flooring that doesn’t need to be sanded. We confirmed with our friend that remodels high end million dollar homes and she agreed the brand was the best in the market. 
We had the old fashion wood floors downstairs that when installed required sanding. The upstairs matches the downstairs floors. He said we don’t even have to move the beds or furniture upstairs. His team just moves the furniture to one side of the room and completes that area of floor and moves it back. We thought we’d have to remove everything from upstairs, but they re-arranged everything with no damages to anything. The guy who did the stairs was a specialist and took his time. He left before we could give him a $100 tip, since his work is that of an artist! I love people that take pride in their work! People are shocked when they come in and see the new stairs! We have a yellow lab and two boys 10 and 12 and love the floors and new stairs!
Two thumbs up to Beau and his team!

Customer Deidra Guynn
Los Angeles, CA 90039
Work Completed Date: December 02, 2013
Approximate Cost: $3,350.00
Description Of Work: Beau's team refinished old white oak floors in 4 rooms, the hallway and stairs. No staining was required but sanding, sealing and 3 coats of polyurethane were applied.
Customer Comments: Extremely pleased with the results.  Our old hardwood floors look beautiful.  It was a pleasure to work with Beau as he is very personable.  He is very knowledgeable about the hardwood flooring and very concerned with customer satisfaction.  He was very prompt to answer questions or concerns we had about the floors and the process. Three brothers -- Jesus, Luis,and Diego - were the team that refinished our floors.  They were quick, efficient and also knowledgeable and skilled in making our floors look great. For us, the entire process took almost a week because we lived in the house while the floors were being worked on.  Half of our furniture was upstairs while the downstairs floors were refinished and vice/versa.  If you can avoid that, do!  Because of our circumstances that was the best option for us.  Even so, Beau and his team always made sure we could live in the house.  The fumes and dust were at a minimum and I was pleasantly surprised.  The team covered all of our furnishings in plastic, as well as vents, closets, doorways, window treatments, etc.  They even dealt with moving our large upright piano.
It was a long week for us but the results were well worth it.  I just wish my dog had the same respect for the newly finished floors as we do!
 I recommend Royal Oak Flooring.

Customer Susan Schmidt
Santa Clarita, CA 91387
Work Completed Date: November 18, 2013
Approximate Cost: $16,700.00
Description Of Work: Removed carpet and old hardwood flooring from living room, family room, front entry, back entry, bathroom, hallway, master-bedroom, walk-in closets, two bedrooms (including closets), and stairs approximately 1300 sq. ft. Installed distressed hickory engineered hardwood flooring and solid hickory treads and risers for the stairs, custom stained to match the engineered floor.
Customer Comments: First, I would like to say that "The Curse" has been broken. What I mean by this is, over the last several years I have had nightmare experiences with contractors. My experience with Beau and his skilled team was excellent. Our lead crew was Ramone and Rafael, who were consummate professionals, not to mention so kind and friendly. At one point during the job there were about 10 guys working throughout the house. Even during all the chaos the guys would be laughing, singing, always very good energy. They were on-time everyday, and did a great job at keeping things as neat and clean as possible. I can't say enough about Beau (and Laurie too). Truly a rare breed of professionals. So conscientious about the customers needs, going that EXTRA mile to make sure you are COMPLETELY happy. So rare these days. The floors are gorgeous and the custom stairs are a perfect match. IMPORTANT FACT: ALL the employees have worked for Beau not less than 10 years. Great job!

Customer Dianhua Jiang
Encino, CA 91316
Work Completed Date: September 30, 2013
Approximate Cost: $14,000.00
Description Of Work: Demolished old tiles, removed carpets, and installed new hardwood floor.
Customer Comments: We were happy with Royal Oak, the owner Beau, and his team.  His team are professional, great workmanship, and paid attention to details.

Customer Mary Rankin
Canoga Park, CA 91304
Work Completed Date: October 01, 2013
Approximate Cost: $10,000.00
Description Of Work: Took out old carpeting and installed new laminate flooring in whole house.
Customer Comments: It went beautifully!  The installers were very professional, helpful and diligent.  They worked overtime on a few nights to finish the rooms.
The whole installation went beautifully and I still can't believe I have these beautiful floors in my house.  The flooring makes my rooms like they are in the magazine, House Beautiful.  
Everyone who visits can't believe the change in the interior because of the flooring.
I must say everyone at Royal Flooring were very polite, efficient and knowledgeable.  I would recommend them highly.  The company does a very good job!

Customer Andrea Lopez
Woodland Hills, CA 91364
Work Completed Date: October 01, 2013
Approximate Cost: $16,000.00
Description Of Work: Removed carpet in lower level of home and installed hardwood (QUALITY hardwood, there is a difference) throughout. Also removed/replaced dated base boards upper and lower level.
Customer Comments: LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this company! From the Office Manager, the owner (who personally visited daily for inspection), to the installers. Their website says they leave all rooms livable at the end of each workday and it's the truth! In all, they did 5 bedrooms, and we slept in each of them DUST FREE every night.
They finished in the time approximated, the price never changed from initial contract and my home is BEYOND beautiful. We now live in the home we envisioned when we purchased 4 years ago and it was certainly worth the wait. 
A little background to the story: we'd hired Home Depot to install flooring in the upper level of our home 2 years ago. After no less than 6 return visits for corrections, we'd all but given up. Beau insisted upon the removal and replacement of the door casing! used to separate tile to wood transition areas and the quarter-rounds used to hide uneven cuts FOR FREE!!! The job Home Depot did was THAT BAD!
Dare i say that i actually missed the crew the first week after completion. They are a great family company using quality materials and seasoned professionals. Most have been with Royal Oak for 10-20 years. They'll certainly be our first call in our next home.

Customer Sammy Silberstein
Sherman Oaks, CA 91401
Work Completed Date: September 06, 2013
Approximate Cost: $9,300.00
Description Of Work: Removed carpet and installed hardwood flooring.
Customer Comments: Beau came to give us an estimate. We already had hardwood floors in some parts of the house and wanted to add hardwood to other areas that had carpet. In spite of the fact that the existing hardwood flooring was already 8 years old, Beau and Laurie managed to find the exact match. During the project, the carpet was removed and the subfloor was secured with rows of screws to prevent creaking. The crew worked efficiently and tirelessly to make sure that any areas squeaking were tightened.  The removal of the carpet meant that the new floors had to tie into the old floors. The installers were masters at lacing in the old wood with the new wood to the point that we (the owners) had a hard time identifying where the one stopped and the other started. Beau's crew were professional, friendly, meticulous and cleaned up thoroughly after every work day. They even replaced some boards that were not part of the new flooring sections and that had been dented by furniture. We recommend them highly and we'll definitely use them again in the future.

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