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Hardwood floors can be refinished rather than replaced. This is a benefit because it costs less than getting new flooring. Hardwood floors are enduring, but if you bought a house and don’t like the light hardwood floors in them, you can sand them down and stain them darker. It’s as easy as that, and much cheaper than replacing the whole thing.

Royal Oak Flooring Inc. is an industry leader when it comes to high-quality and eco-friendly flooring options. Every job we work on is handled professionally, because we pride ourselves on being reliable, dependable, and honest. We offer a range of services including hardwood installation, sanding, refinishing, and much more. We will visit your property to collect measurements, and based on your needs and taste, will provide you with samples of professional grade wood. We always finish our work on time using the best and most cost-effective techniques in the business.

  • Move all furniture in and out, as needed to complete job
  • Plastic and seal off rooms to contain dust in working area
  • Sand and buff existing floors
  • Customize stain to your choice of color
  • Re-coat with three applications of Polyurethane (stain)
  • Clean dust from work areas and haul away all trash from jobsite

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